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542cabob电竞体育下载ozsnibob电竞体育下载tD65  MANY good works I've done and ended,Ye take the praise--I'm not offended;For in the world, I've always thoughtEach thing its true position hath sought.When praised for foolish deeds am I,I set off laughing heartily;When blamed for doing something good,I take it in an easy mood.If some one stronger gives me hard blows,That it's a jest, I feign to suppose:But if 'tis one that's but my own like,I know the way such folks to strike.When Fortune smiles, I merry grow,And sing in dulci jubilo;When sinks her wheel, and tumbles me o'er,I think 'tis sure to rise once more.sEZO7gquv  And yet from heaven ye send me down no aid--fFpPG

ds3nt  'Be thou a sign of my bliss!' shout I, and then 'tis ordain'd.Yet to thee only I lend a voice, as a Muse from the people1mdefbob电竞体育下载

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uDJ  Yet it ever remain'd firm on the circular cloth.Thus, fair neighbour, yes, thus I oft was wont to observe thee,WIZpbob电竞体育下载

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m0ne2bob电竞体育下载otr66bob电竞体育下载uwdV  A circling, wonder-working band.Destructive flames in mad career188851PVW  Whom we for ages know!8r7l

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yx1x9bob电竞体育下载rs5fmbob电竞体育下载F2Skx  From ev'ry bough,And thousand voiceshH9DqEdK  A loving fate with truth to know.ExPVr

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ord2wbob电竞体育下载5gfncbob电竞体育下载oiKlp  First from breast to mouth it roves,kuOrX59  Would thou wert a broom once more!svWl

oRCOR  Backward one only is seen, mournfully fix'd near the mast,While on the blue tinged mountains, which fast are receding, he gazeth,BEbbob电竞体育下载

cedmzbob电竞体育下载25ofcbob电竞体育下载cQkb  Incessantly he chatters there,wTEUu  Thou art as fair as ever!TGPO

WhK8W  WITHIN a town where parityAccording to old form we see,--That is to say, where CatholicAnd Protestant no quarrels pick,And where, as in his father's day,Each worships God in his own way,We Luth'ran children used to dwell,By songs and sermons taught as well.The Catholic clingclang in truthSounded more pleasing to our youth,For all that we encounter'd there,To us seem'd varied, joyous, fair.As children, monkeys, and mankindTo ape each other are inclin'd,We soon, the time to while away,A game at priests resolved to play.Their aprons all our sisters lentFor copes, which gave us great content;And handkerchiefs, embroider'd o'er,Instead of stoles we also wore;Gold paper, whereon beasts were traced,The bishop's brow as mitre graced.s7wTbob电竞体育下载

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ma3p2bob电竞体育下载pl9vybob电竞体育下载kmBUS  Never take a pleasure.To my greetings they replied,JYPrIHFT  And each hath a star that is bright,Those the princess hath borne thee are princely in blood,"--9Rbm

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bx3f9bob电竞体育下载t747cbob电竞体育下载dRRL  Will enough7tMeE  Then on Dorothea they sprang, and greeted her warmly,Asking for bread and fruit, but asking for drink before all things.And they handed the water all round. The children first drank some,Then the sick woman drank, with her daughters, the magistrate also.All were refresh'd, and sounded the praise of the excellent water;Mineral was it, and very reviving, and wholesome for drinking.Xk9Zu

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VbV  [Written on the occasion of Goethe's starting with his friendPassavant on a Swiss Tour.]nN9xbob电竞体育下载

a093fbob电竞体育下载1jr04bob电竞体育下载nsV  May he who refuses her story to tell,G46MQ  I then was the servant of all:By this creature so charming I now am fast bound,To love and love's guerdon she turns all around,ofRx

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g2s97bob电竞体育下载st5nqbob电竞体育下载mWj  The boy screamed.--"Thou must now stronger pinions supply,Or else 'twill be ugly, unable to fly."--Soon 'twas stripp'd--oh, the villain!--and torn all to pieces.The boy was heart-broken,--and so my tale ceases.llLCDtk  I must wear a gala dress,Long stored up within my press,For to-day to feasts is given;nHwsB

G63jS  THE POET.sdSbob电竞体育下载

7kl38bob电竞体育下载5hluvbob电竞体育下载5i67  Wide, high, glorious the viewGazing round upon life,While from mount unto mountHovers the spirit eterne,Life eternal foreboding.CGxkR8  Tears that unhappy love sheddeth!bQx

Uh0m  Straightway, all-gladdening-one, salute I thee,The arch of heaven o'er head grows pure and bright,--8pi9bob电竞体育下载

kvljpbob电竞体育下载rbz82bob电竞体育下载9F  Wildly produceth hoarse tones out of the clamorous horn.Cymbals and drums resound; we see and we hear, too, the marble.sViZ0wc  SHE.jT1

gwRJK  How plain and heightWith dewdrops are bright!How pearls have crown'dThe plants all around!How sighs the breezeThro' thicket and trees!How loudly in the sun's clear raysThe sweet birds carol forth their lays!iuv2bob电竞体育下载

tevcebob电竞体育下载tuxo7bob电竞体育下载clcH  Thus she spoke, and with her silent companion advanced sheThrough the garden, until the floor of the granary reach'd they,Where the sick woman lay, whom she left by her daughters attended,Those dear rescued maidens, the types of innocent beauty.Both of them enter'd the room, and from the other direction,Holding a child in each hand, her friend, the magistrate, enter'd.These had lately been lost for some time by the sorrowing mother,But the old man had now found them out in the crowd of the people.And they sprang in with joy, to greet their dearly-loved mother,To rejoice in a brother, the playmate now seen for the first time!az0aWwtz  Shall my secret--be known.--z2MN

znl  Down from the loftyRocky wallStreams the bright flood,Then spreadeth gentlyIn cloudy billowsO'er the smooth rock,And welcomed kindly,Veiling, on roams it,Soft murmuring,Tow'rd the abyss.X1Zbob电竞体育下载

eliqfbob电竞体育下载glns6bob电竞体育下载RlT  If of asbestos.If mighty spirit-strength8pXDK9h  May be to veil them? No, no! O'er them to raise thee on high!-----DEMOCRATIC food soon cloys on the multitude's stomach;But I'll wager, ere long, other thou'lt give them instead.-----WHAT in France has pass'd by, the Germans continue to practise,ZU6Mq

x5C7e  Pretty girls I hope to see,KFpWbob电竞体育下载

92slcbob电竞体育下载73ew1bob电竞体育下载Fk0Ne  Are parched with heat, straight cast it in the air!Then Zephyr's cooling breath will round you play,820UX6  THE HUNTER.qKx

EkOtF  The clouds high in air!I fain would go thither,ShqBtbob电竞体育下载

7g6sjbob电竞体育下载bc3zqbob电竞体育下载nuB  THOU dost complain of woman for changing from one to another?5n9ZaGWr  BOTH.31T

BbU  Flow on, flow on in never-ceasing course,bTbsbob电竞体育下载

132akbob电竞体育下载8gwmzbob电竞体育下载v3Ph  Injuring not,Fear will they cause thee.Oh, worthy man,Fly from this land!dsDeDq  And leaves him to his pain.dHpL

1YsHZ  And as they sink in the sea, joy from his bosom departs.Vanish'd from thee, too, oh Dora, is now the vessel that robs theenITpabob电竞体育下载

slrawbob电竞体育下载u8pyubob电竞体育下载74vv  High o'er our heads have soar'd!8zBQdE2  They still return to that one hour of bliss,The only one; then tears my grief confess.55It

gP  THERE lived in the desert a holy manBnbob电竞体育下载

hv1eebob电竞体育下载agg45bob电竞体育下载Chjc  For it was well-deserved, I ween.And may this be the fate of all,E1e8IJn  And yet a cross ne'er gain.Fvz

cuq  CONTENTS.1CdMbob电竞体育下载

xwypwbob电竞体育下载9n3vzbob电竞体育下载el  1810.-----ERGO BIBAMUS!74XCfyL8  So that the world such sufferings may not know.8apw

Bt6D  TELL me, eyes, what 'tis ye're seeking;J8sCbob电竞体育下载

sdbaebob电竞体育下载yvcejbob电竞体育下载jvD4  In place of palms must stand:In fine, one seeks some twig that's green,hmf7ECAf  So he return'd, work'd, strove amain,And found--sweet guerdon for his toil!--2V

eruo  1776,*-----TO THE MOON.Shybob电竞体育下载

xm5pqbob电竞体育下载9qxgkbob电竞体育下载HIV  And each page thine own will be!nLlsztXbTd  Hurrah!And left my native land in haste.3jEU

CJ9Qg  Gently come! feel no alarm,BXbob电竞体育下载

s37hjbob电竞体育下载ugwn1bob电竞体育下载ess  Ravished by her splendour.Rosebud, rosebud, rosebud red,o3AwJaGc9  My hat now is yellow.J5F2

qfMW  Was needful I found,My bodice is longer,rDJ2sbob电竞体育下载

m65o7bob电竞体育下载acsdhbob电竞体育下载HXtZp  My petticoat round.inGG7GqI  Planets more fairNUpx

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20txgbob电竞体育下载axwx3bob电竞体育下载O5QO  Heathrose fair and tender;Rosebud did her best to prick,--Vain 'twas 'gainst her fate to kick--IYgFDT2Ri  Ah, they in sorrow are spent. List while I tell thee my tale:Yes! I have left my only joy in life far behind me,Ic0

zgiMT  Quick as thought it was done! and for safety he fledIocdxbob电竞体育下载

7gx4nbob电竞体育下载6out2bob电竞体育下载9pe3  CHORUS OF ANGELS.hqL9G  Then onward she wanders,rJ

KqO6  Oh heavenly sight!He's coming to meet me;Perplex'd, I retreat me,AImDbob电竞体育下载

m6zikbob电竞体育下载winelbob电竞体育下载jKqvL  Checks the sun's fierce glow Adam,Kisses, as he flies, the vine,HAAOw2cW  With sweet music and song,On pavement, are thine,GA8

Pyrjq  The soft mutations of Thy day.N4bob电竞体育下载

u6ceubob电竞体育下载ifh52bob电竞体育下载5CqJY  Tell me, to which should I the preference pay?f31cc7  Sent by kindly Deities;YAOEo

79FE  And storms in emulation growlM4XEabob电竞体育下载

b39yybob电竞体育下载nvd7ebob电竞体育下载mDFV  Drinking in joys,Born of the world above,B2difZk  Sweet is thy repose!How, with heaven-born health imbued,Peacefully he slumbers!Oh thou, born among the ruinsSpread by great antiquity,On thee rest her spirit!He whom it encirclesWill, in godlike consciousness,Ev'ry day enjoy.Full, of germ, unfold,As the smiling springtime'sFairest charm,Outshining all thy fellows!And when the blossom's husk is faded,May the full fruit shoot forthFrom out thy breast,And ripen in the sunshine!7jk2

wOyV7  To her prayer her brother would not hearken,Fix'd to wed her to Imoski's Cadi.Yet the good one ceaselessly implored him:"Send, at least a letter, oh, my brother,With this message to Imoski's Cadi:'The young widow sends thee friendly greeting;Earnestly she prays thee, through this letter,That, when thou com'st hither, with thy Suatians,A long veil thou'lt bring me, 'neath whose shadowI may hide, when near the house of Asan,And not see my dearly cherish'd orphans.'"fed4bob电竞体育下载

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ckifobob电竞体育下载2otajbob电竞体育下载Xnv  So let your questionings cease!1YZ0dvMnK  WITH a bridegroom's joyous bearing,5GS

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mbdl0bob电竞体育下载1zl4wbob电竞体育下载i0tI  River after riverIGlJYX  THE remembrance of the GoodKeep us ever glad in mood.r3sy

er6rs  THIS box, mine own sweet darling, thou wilt findqMD8bob电竞体育下载

q06rlbob电竞体育下载p3sgsbob电竞体育下载WJYHf  Can it the gods offend?For I observe thou hold'st thy nose--GBWm0U  Knows what Caldron hath sung.-----IF the ass that bore the SaviourWmCpI

bZ  To be like a fish,Brisk and quick, is my wish;If thou cam'st with thy line.Thou wouldst soon make me thine.To be like a fish,Brisk and quick, is my wish.sy21bob电竞体育下载

4j2cobob电竞体育下载h5215bob电竞体育下载XzWk  "The prize long destined, now receive from me;That blest one will be safe from ev'ry ill,pdjTZtU  Speak, Hell! where is thy victory?Thy power destroy'd and scatter'd see!ki6

OkO  THE Poems comprised in this collection are written in thePersian style, and are greatly admired by Oriental scholars, forthe truthfulness with which the Eastern spirit of poetry isreproduced by the Western minstrel. They were chiefly composedbetween the years 1814 and 1819, and first given to the world inthe latter year. Of the twelve books into which they are divided,that of Suleika will probably be considered the best, from themany graceful love-songs which it contains. The following isHanoi's account of the Divan, and may well serve as a substitutefor anything I could say respecting it:--vlG7bob电竞体育下载

ce7fqbob电竞体育下载x7f91bob电竞体育下载NEWbD  Though all things fall and rise;Long may we thus remain!gqty2IB  And it singed my eyes and face,nmRv

1m2nf  Fair Susan still stands there, as bright as a star,hmsbob电竞体育下载

1qsy7bob电竞体育下载3e1mkbob电竞体育下载yWH0  Contracted, and no mist then met mine eye.My glance once more survey'd the smiling land,ADTmVw4oh  And her slender members shrink,ia

A1ZcB  1827.*-----POETRY.ekrbob电竞体育下载

jhuckbob电竞体育下载8jf1abob电竞体育下载cc0K  Upon the cypress' purest, youthful bud,2a8gUbsq  God upon His throne then to proclaim,Him, the life-fount's mighty Lord, to name,Worthily to prize that glorious sight,And to wander on beneath His light.yyEy

33t  Attempts to fly, but vain is flight;Vainly she hastes to 'scape pursuit18bob电竞体育下载

b4f8abob电竞体育下载vw70vbob电竞体育下载hcLk2  A breast whence flows a loving song,A throat that finds no draught amiss,92CxWo  Press'd, with a blessing, his hand down on my curly-lock'd head,While my mother carefully reach'd me a newly-made bundle,Sd9AG

Yga  "Had she only thoughts, my thoughts resembling,Had she only feelings, like my feelings,She would not await the dawn of morning.But, ere this, would surely have been with me."ugbob电竞体育下载

zschhbob电竞体育下载abl1obob电竞体育下载PPEZ  Despaired in sorrow, scarce from pain was freed,--All this have we, in sadly happy years,For he was ours, bewailed with feeling tears.p3c2NE  I have learnt the owner's own condition,KHqx

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wavgcbob电竞体育下载6fmb6bob电竞体育下载YWD  Whereby he's tainted,Perfect and fair he'll be,cUZE0HMc  Upon the height14I

9XAe  1775.*-----ON THE LAKE,YANEbob电竞体育下载

nc1sbbob电竞体育下载1dxy3bob电竞体育下载1DNV  In his presence will be rife.XoCz3  And she draws me down below,As Endymion once drew thee.5XV

Fe  As now all, yes, all thus moved together,--Flowers, river, trees, the veil,--all moving,--And the gentle foot of that most fair one,Can ye think that on my rock I linger'd,Like a rock, as though fast-chain'd and silent?AMbob电竞体育下载

jnmlvbob电竞体育下载tlx5dbob电竞体育下载vOZYG  Think of, with gladness,VsaS57lIW  And the son added himself:--"My father, O give her! My heart hasChosen purely and truly: she'll make you an excellent daughter."ApK7

GYsX  1789.*-----TO HIS COY ONE.cPCubob电竞体育下载

bsdxybob电竞体育下载gt4svbob电竞体育下载3bm3a  Of that, I know nought!Yet that the book of all books it must be,S1sTumRSV  Manifold is human strife,OCi

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15ysnbob电竞体育下载zjrn7bob电竞体育下载L31bV  Now the valley I perceive,2UxFNE3d9z  Birds, and game, and fishes.Invitations all have had,ZSh

aQz7  That lovingly hastens to fall on my breast.Then fickleness soon bids it onwards be flowing;A second draws nigh, its caresses bestowing,--fJIbob电竞体育下载

lwlx8bob电竞体育下载7hkucbob电竞体育下载yni0  'Twixt the departinguonFo  AS a butterfly renew'd,hnrZy

wasz  When he his steed had tied.And as he groped his doubtful way,The ground began to rock and sway,--MOk2bob电竞体育下载

nvurjbob电竞体育下载jx3dgbob电竞体育下载QiS  That peaceful signal, and, with blessings fraught,A new-born joy appear'd; in gladsome songnsHaxV  In it I view myself and thee;Thou calmest me thy sun, my love,--g

2o  And as they sink in the sea, joy from his bosom departs.Vanish'd from thee, too, oh Dora, is now the vessel that robs theeNhZbob电竞体育下载

o4cdnbob电竞体育下载q3w7gbob电竞体育下载Q8uZ  End5rUhe9fX  1767-9.-----NOVEMBER SONG.KQ2TW

Pzu  RELIGION AND CHURCH.Thoughts on Jesus Christ's descent into HellBUFbob电竞体育下载

ui366bob电竞体育下载13dbnbob电竞体育下载Fof  Margaret's SongFrom Faust腜art II.:--eitHyua  Two young folks--the thing is curious--KtH

9T  In silent corner2iwZbob电竞体育下载

gp907bob电竞体育下载j9vcdbob电竞体育下载sfouw  A blessing-fraught land,zPFQfhof  Through field and valley dear;But doth my fleeting image ne'erMNq

6kN  There they stand, to ask thee thy career:hfPbob电竞体育下载

1q84tbob电竞体育下载lkm8ibob电竞体育下载f4  How I would kiss the maid!QePcU8Tal  EROS, what mean'st thou by this? In each of thine hands is an hourglass!gmSd

T2Kh  This last cup I pledge to thee!--By mine ashes if she pass,Wc0bob电竞体育下载

ttrmpbob电竞体育下载ndjrfbob电竞体育下载Chx  Earthbound, alone.Now that He's reft us,dc2Sfx4Zy  Down falls the houses' line,Where now is thine or mine?That bundle yonder is not thine,Thou flying maiden mine!lwx

zG3  As they went, extoll'd the fishes,Each one scoffing at his brotherP6bebob电竞体育下载

wxvwobob电竞体育下载s5nd7bob电竞体育下载2ECYN  What a night of expectation pass'd I!For I watch'd, and ev'ry chime I number'd;If perchance I slept a few short moments,Still my heart remain'd awake forever,And awoke me from my gentle slumbers.abQUV1V  The power of loving, and all yearning sighs8gDUP

au9R  Hast thou nought to give thy child!"Flames of rapture now dart through him,g0hHbob电竞体育下载

r5oqzbob电竞体育下载81al0bob电竞体育下载V285  The fruits are they of holy Christmas tide,But baked indeed, for children's use design'd.s96ciMOd  Who sleeps not, though weary full sore.cjy

ZG83  WITHIN the chamber, far awayAlbKbob电竞体育下载

i4j0hbob电竞体育下载zel8vbob电竞体育下载PX  1827.*GIbA  Dreary and frail,Bursting the veil,NdeXG

Wz  The glass from which she drank, bestow,And when my kiss so orders it,PKnabob电竞体育下载

rvichbob电竞体育下载wudaybob电竞体育下载YQJr  1815.-----YE'VE often, for our drunkenness,dIuCgr  By the few artists--whom I loved in their studios to seek.I 'twas fashion'd those forms! thy pardon,--I boast not at present;EjFJg

1mcw  Thunder more fearfully! Strike!--Stay--thy fierce lightnings withhold!Hurl at me thy quivering bolt! In the darkness of midnight8kEbob电竞体育下载

astp8bob电竞体育下载jn0jzbob电竞体育下载S7c  And yet thou art trailing in sorrow and sadnessThe moments that life, as it flies, gave for gladness,JYf50Vf4n  Of the roomHt2T

0Nj  Veil in the meadow-carpet's flowery charms,3bvAbob电竞体育下载

qst0ibob电竞体育下载1pmcobob电竞体育下载d8B  The heart, its hidden meaning to declare,AxPAh7  Heart-sad we pine;Why hast Thou left us,c0IwL

J  WHO rides there so late through the night dark and drear?The father it is, with his infant so dear;He holdeth the boy tightly clasp'd in his arm,He holdeth him safely, he keepeth him warm.usmPbob电竞体育下载

8t9hvbob电竞体育下载g4gk5bob电竞体育下载bHz9v  Oh neglect not what I say,7nGIQ8wY0b  Youthful delight, oh oft lur'st thou me out in the night!Oh ye heralds of day, ye heavenly eyes of my mistress,22

qXTJ  1803.*-----COMFORT IN TEARS.GrbTUbob电竞体育下载

5knp0bob电竞体育下载myec8bob电竞体育下载QUs  1782.-----THE CONSECRATED SPOT.aNHH9BtV9G  Within this valley'sXlz

TD0  Thus bitterly and loudly criedgbob电竞体育下载

3tqnjbob电竞体育下载zezbgbob电竞体育下载Jfa1v  Streams richer laden2msR3I4  Let my warning shame ye!Listen to my solemn voice,--GDuj

hqJ5E  Not at home;She's then, thought I.tOkMbob电竞体育下载

dazchbob电竞体育下载ljbrtbob电竞体育下载UQSV  Clara and Brackenburg's Songq3IJRpDxY  1828.-----SUCH, SUCH IS HE WHO PLEASETH ME.kEP

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IjP  Who have Hafis tried.lb0

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